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And now for something completely different! We Paleopals figured it might be fun to watch a movie together. We also figured it might be fun for you to join us. Thus this experiment was born. So the entire crew sat down and watched the 1993 cinematic classic Jurassic Park, while simultaneously on Skype and these are the results. This show is intended as a fun and scientificially informed running commentary to be listened to while watching the movie. Jacob provides instructions in the first few minutes on how to sync up your viewing with ours then it's off to the races! Hold onto your butts and enjoy the show!

Thanks for listening! We really want some feedback on this so let us know how you liked it. We want to do more but only if there's sufficient demand. And if you come up with a more efficient way to title these episodes, send that our way too. As always, we are are proud member of the Brachiolope Media Network, so check out our other shows for more fun science podcasts.

(Obvious) music for this week's show:

Jurassic Park Theme - John Williams

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