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Science... sort of

Sep 21, 2018

00:00:00 - Matt from In Defense of Plants joins Joe and Ryan to talk about F.R.E.D., which is an acronym for a root-database that just reached version 2.0! Why does having a bunch of root data available matter? What’s the point of databases in general? Listen and find out!

00:22:43 - Roots drink, we drink. It’s all the same. Ryan has a typically convoluted thing in the form of a Papes Off the Crust Appalachian-style kvass ale brewed with pumpernickel bread, apples, fig leaves, and coconuts. Juli weighs in with her thoughts and the dog gets excited. Joe can’t really answer our questions about his Reading Draft Creamy Red Birch Beer. Sap extraction discussion ensues. Matt keeps things sharp with a Baileys-spiked Caribou coffee.

00:34:23 - Just when you think you know how to measure a thing, the standard may change. As whimsical as we get about THE kilogram over in France (aka Big K), the International System (SI) may be ready to move on to something more fundamental for a few of our favorite units.

00:46:55 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like precise instrumentation; easy to use improperly. First up, Patron Magnus C. has earned a fake degree by writing the fake thesis: A Mole of Nutrition: Modeling Soil Aeration of Fine Root Web Systems via a fossorial mammal. Thanks, Magnus! Next up, Joe reads an iTunes review from TheBoomstick! And Ryan wraps it all up with a tweet from @MountainVole recommending the show to a friend on Twitter, which is just the best.


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