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Science... sort of

Sep 10, 2020

00:00:00 - Charlie, Abe, and Ryan are joined by Sommelier Kristy Wenz because we’re talking about wine! Why wine? Stay tuned to the drinks segment to find out! But first up, they discuss the effects of geology, soil pH, and precipitation on the quality of wines from the Willamette Valley in Oregon.

00:20:04 - This episode What Are We Drinking is sponsored by Glasses Up Social, a service that sends wine to you and your friends and sets up a group chat for you all to enjoy the wines together! It solves the issue of ending every call with “We should do this more often!” but never actually doing it. Plus you get try boutique wines from wineries you probably can’t currently visit. Our listeners get 20% off their first month, just use the coupon code SCIENCESORTOF at checkout. This episode, Kristy talks the boys through a dry riesling from Three Brothers Wineries & Estates in New Yorks Finger Lakes Wine Country.

00:42:45 - 66 million years ago the earth was hit by a giant rock going faster than a bullet. So what happened next, exactly? A new model has simulated how all the soot that would have been created by the impact and the subsequent fires would have had long term climatic impacts and it’s… not great.

01:19:24 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like asteroid impacts; hard to see coming but you know they’ll happen eventually. Ryan reads a YouTube comment by Sal L. who wants up to keep it. Will do, Sal! Abe fields a question from Tara F. about how to get a book donated to the library at McMurdo in Antarctica. Abe gives some tips and tricks. And a BSso is granted to patron Steve A. who has written a thesis entitled: Fires and Eruptive Reactivity Metrics Evaluation of Novel Terroirs (FERMENT): Optimizing Resiliency of wine yields via a comparative study of soil pH in the aftermath of volcanic or impactor induced soot-filled atmospheres. Thanks, Steve!

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Audio Production by Rob Heath
Music credit: Dust In Sunlight - Podington Bear