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Science... sort of

Oct 9, 2020

00:00:00 - Joe begins the show by explaining how we all just nearly died last month but didn’t as an asteroid had the closest flyby of Earth ever detected thanks to some pretty cool new observation tech at the Zwicky Transient Facility in CA paired with machine learning.

00:23:08 - After a near-miss of an asteroid impact, it’s only natural to want a drink. Ryan begins with some Still Hollow Spirits unaged corn whiskey, aka moonshine. Joe corrects the record on his White Russian recipe by making another White Russian according to the recipe posted from the last time he had a White Russian. Abe enjoys some Triple Space Diamonds from Other Half Brewing Co.

00:37:15 - Winter is coming, so have a nap. A new analysis of the Therapsid Lystrosaurus comparing African specimens to those from Antarctica suggests that the more southerly critters may have hibernated much as their mammalian relatives do today. Torpor for the win!

01:00:42 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like torpor, sometimes it’s the best way to survive. Ryan reads a castigation from Zoll S. regarding improperly categorized literature in episode 117. An e-mail from Jeff S. prompts a discussion of whether or not it was aliens aka the origin of the gray alien mythos. And we team up to bestow a BSso on Patreon supporter Josh R. who has written up a thesis entitled: Underneath Falling Objects (UFO): A Novel Method for Surviving Extraterrestrial impactors via a state of torpor modeled after Antarctic Lystrosaurs. Thanks, Josh!

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Audio Production by Rob Heath and Ryan Haupt
Music credit: Between Stones - Blue Dot Sessions