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Science... sort of

Jan 1, 2022

00:00:00 - In which Ryan introduces the concept of this type of episode… for the last time. (But which can be previously heard in episodes 266, 282, 326, and 332.)

00:05:23 - Zootopia and Disney Lemming Myths

00:10:51 - Bio bios: Fishing cat (Prionailurus viverrinus)

00:16:06 - The Drake Equation tries to answer "Are we along?”

00:21:23 - Drake Equation "results" hint at a crowded galaxy

00:22:30 - Then where is everybody? Fermi's Paradox weighs in

00:27:03 - To prove the show hasn’t lost a step, Ryan has a Knotty Pine double IPA from Country Boy Brewing. Predictable, but delicious.

00:28:56 - Night Hag: The Inception

00:32:31 - My experience with the Night Hag

00:34:55 - Science of the Night Hag

00:40:08 - Wait, how is the Night Hag aliens? Culture and Sleep Paralysis

00:43:16 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like the end of the year, they lead us to something new. This episode we have an e-mail from Brandon M. asking how to get access to the whole back catalog of Brachiolope Media shows (and the answer is Soundcloud, with more updates to come).

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Music credit: Solitude - Broke For Free