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Science... sort of

Aug 30, 2011

00:00:00 - The theme this week is 2.0. Meaning the Paleopals want y'all to create some content, and y'all did! Each story this week comes as a submission from the Paleoposse. Thanks, everyone! The Paleopals Patrick, Jacob and Ryan have formed a pack to hunt some science, as suggested by Jesse W., first by debating the potential of pack hunting dinosaurs as opposed to just good wholesome group shredding post-mortem Komodo dragon style. Fun for everyone!

00:18:26 - Unfortunately, the one thing the Paleopals can't easily crowd source are drinks, but they thought to bring there own. Jacob gets down with Irene by having a Magic Hat #9, fingers-crossed for continued availability post-storm. Ryan, with no intended commentary on the Paleoposse, sups a Certified Evil and makes Patrick commit the evil sin of envy. But Patrick is also packing tasty liquid in the form of a fresh hop ale from Sierra Nevada.

00:25:27 - Even Trailer Trash Talk got out-sourced this week! Brent suggested the trailer Margin Call on the Facebook page, and the Paleopals oblige. Will a stock market thriller get a triple A rating from the guys? Listen to find out!

00:36:32 - Elliot M. thought the guys might like to talk about a trilobite orgy. Elliot M. was right. Safe for work if you're not an arthropod or overly-sensitive. And as promised, here's a PDF (head to with WAY more info on crustacean mating, if that's what you're into.

00:47:22 - Jacob has an e-mail from Alysia K. about the ethics of cloning Neanderthals. The guys barely scratch the surface and want to know what the crowd thinks. Good thing we gave this one a whole segment, no way it would fit as a mere PaleoPOW. Speaking of which...

01:08:15 - PaleoPOWs are lot like the rest of the show: user submitted. Short and sweet this week. Patrick has two tweets from Dustin K. and Ben V. H. Jacob has a niceFacebook comment from Georgia C. and Ryan has an e-mail from Lazlo complaining about accents (not ours) and asking for more politics.


Thanks for listening AND submitted such great stories for the week! While you scour the internet for more stuff to send us, why not drop by the Paleocave Blog? 


Music this week provided by:

Bleed It Out - Linkin Park

Hurricane - Something Corporate

Bankrupt On Selling - Modest Mouse

Hard to Find - Lit

Caveman - Jimmy Eat World