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Science... sort of

Sep 7, 2011

00:00:00 - Mars just keeps better, this time because it's a bit wetter. Charlie explains the science behind the discovery, especially how we were able to taste something on another planet.

00:16:43 - Patrick keeps his beverage dark and Cascadian, Charlie searches for a glass (why didn't he just check our store?) and Ryan is feeling dark and stormy.

00:23:02 - Trailer Trash Talk is looking to take a nice country drive. But that's not what Drive is about at all. Does the trailer live up to the poster? Does it even live up to the font? And what are driving gloves even for? Find out!

00:38:59 - Science is under threat! The threat of the 'decline effect.' Jonah Lehrer wrote about it and the Paleopals discuss his findings. Ironically, they find less significance in the decline effect, which kind of makes sense if you think about it...

01:05:48 - PaleoPOWs are fortunately not subject to the decline effect. They just keep getting better! This week is no exception. Ryan has donations from Sarah B., a possibly forgotten Gaylen, and both (that's right, both!) his parents. Thanks everyone! You're keeping the lights on and the mics hot! Charlie gets more ethanol feedback (the story that just won't die) from Midwesterner Jeff! And finally, Patrick has a lengthy e-mail from Jesse C. about radio and forensics. Just how the heck are those two related?! Tune in to find out!


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Music from this week's show:

Will There Be Enough Water? - The Dead Wate

Raise Your Glass - Autopilot Off

Drive - Matt Costa

It's Coming Down - Cake