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Science... sort of

Sep 26, 2011

00:00:00 - Will having a few drinks prevent you from getting malaria, or make it more likely in the first place? The Paleopals discuss the pros and cons of boozing it up near infected mosquitoes.

00:20:26 - Fortunately the Paleopals live outside the range of malaria, thus their drinks are relatively risk free. Patrick expects condemnation from Ryan for his Kona but Ryan is too busy spilling La Roja from Jolly Pumpkin all over himself. Kelly shows up with another custom cocktail from Zach, this time called The Honey Rumple (milk, honey, rum; mix to taste).

00:26:34 - Johnny Depp has also developed a taste for rum as he returns to the world of Hunter S. Thompson in the trailer for The Rum Diary, as discussed in this week's installment of Trailer Trash Talk!

00:39:27 - Even though the females are bringing the parasites the males are bringing the sperm to the next generation of the little buggers. But a new study has successfully eliminated the sperm without eliminating the male's sex appeal. Cool? Yes. Labor intensive? Also yes. That's why Kelly prefers the laser system that blasts female mosquitoes out of the sky! PEW PEW!

00:52:02 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like mosquitoes, they can really get under your skin if you let them. Ryan tries to clear up some Costa Rican iguana confusion from Randall H. Ryan knew them only as ctenosaurs ("comb-lizard"), which is probably a cooler name anyways. Patrick has an iTunes review from Hanna S. who thinks we're "great for an average science nerd." Hey! Who is she calling average?! And finally, Kelly deals with a pronunciation pet peeve brought to her by Avi M. Dear Avi, we promise to do better, try harder, speak more correcter, etc. starting tomorrow... probably.


Thanks for listening! is our blog, it's probably what you should read until we put out another show next week.


Music from this week's show:

Mosquito Song - Queens of the Stone Age

Honey - The Hush Sound

In this Diary - The Ataris

I Just Had Sex - The Lonely Island