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Science... sort of

Nov 8, 2011

00:00:00 - Ben begins the show this week talking about Jacob. Eventually Ryan and Patrick force him into talking about the agreed up topic: The 100 Year Starship symposium which took place recently in Orlando, FL. Which happens to be near Jacob. Big ideas about how to get off this tiny planet abound, and the Paleopals break down a few but encourage you to read up on the details yourself!

00:26:11 - What the Paleopals lack in rocketry they more than make for in 'jet fuel', if you know what I mean. Patrick celebrates with a Jubelale, Ben has a whole island of new juice opportunities, and Ryan pans a Las Vegas 2-for-1 bruised dry gin martini.

00:31:51 - Trailer Trash Talk this week feels better than ever as the guys break down the newest in the long-lived Greek war-epic genre: Immortals.

00:41:23 - New research suggests that saurpods (the dinos with the big long necks) may have migrated. Patrick and Ryan discuss isotopic particulars while Ben pesters about dinosaurian generalities.

00:59:43 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like Sauropods. At one point hard to miss, but now increasingly rare. Ben has an iTunes review from Ed Lolington. Ryan thanks Brian Switek for mentioning us at the SVP science communication meeting (more from Brian in a future show). And Patrick has both e-mail and loot from Elizabeth S. Thanks, Elizabeth!


Thanks for listening! Ben remixed his post from last week, and Juliana has another great exhibit write-up, both of which are available at!


Music this week provided by:

Ship of Fools - The Doors

Rock Island Line - Johnny Cash

Battleflag - Lo Fidelity Allstars

Movin' Right Along - Alkaline Trio