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Science... sort of

Feb 28, 2012

00:00:00 - The Russians are repopulating their tundra with 30,000 year old squirrel leftovers i.e. they germinated a plant from a 30,000 year old seed (sort of)  and now they have a pretty flower. Awesome.

00:13:18 - Drinks are needed to make plants and Paleopals grow. Jacob has BAWLS, don't ask. Kelly has a favorite win. And Ryan has a Dark Depths Baltic IPA that he's happy to explain.

00:17:38 - Ryan subjects Kelly and Jacob to the insanity of Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie on this week's trailer trash talk. Will they be charmed or disgusted? Listen and learn!

00:29:03 - Finally! A fungus has been found that eats plastic and likes it. Stop worrying about conservation, apparently it's all taken care of.

00:41:07 - PaleoPOWs are like plastic eating fungi, they probably won't amount to much. Kelly has an e-mail to Ryan from Cameron about our Special Edition Jurassic Park commentary! Ryan has an iTunes review from the DepressionMachine that is anything but. And Jacob has a blog comment from an old blog post questioning the validity of the work-energy theory. Crackpot test anyone?


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Music for this week's show:

Ancient Walls of Flower - Marcy Playground

Wrecking Ball - Interpol

Like A Movie - Midtown

Plastic Jungle - Miike Snow