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Science... sort of

May 2, 2012

00:00:00 - This week the Paloepals are joined by Ryan Brown of the Glacial Till blog! He joins us to break down some space rock basics for diving into our second segment. SYNERGY!

00:16:55 - In the future drinks might come from asteroids. For now they just come from bottles. Ryan B. has a Down Under Stout by Red Hook. Charlie believes in Ninkasi's Believer. Patrick wades into Heavy Seas with a Loose Canon. And Ryan H. tries to balance confusing weather with a Dogfishhead 75 Minute IPA.

00:23:34 - This week on Trailer Trash Talk the guys all start by giving their opinion of Wes Anderson, then their opinion of fonts, then finally their opinions on his new movie Moonrise Kingdom.

00:36:33 - Charlie pulls his PaleoPOW trigger early by using an e-mail from Michael S. as the introduction to our second segment discussion the new startup Planetary Resources, which hopes to mine asteroids for all their astro-goodness. Can they do it? What does Jacob think? Will they hire Charlie? We tackle the big questions!

00:54:11 - PaleoPOWs are lot like startups, everyone starts off really excited but most just fall apart. Ryan Brown is his own PaleoPOW, promoting his various internet wares mostly concerning his blog and twitter feed. Check them out! Ryan H. has a Facebook post from Charles Insandiego who's working his way through the old shows. Good luck! And Patrick praises Bob M. for tossing a bit of cash our way via a donation. Thanks, Bob!


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Music for this week's show provided by:

The Sky is Fallin' - Queens of the Stone Age

Beer Beer Beer - The Clancy Brothers

Full Moon in June - Black Prarie

Planetary (GO!) - My Chemical Romance