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Science... sort of

Feb 1, 2013

00:00:00 - Massimo Pigliucci returns to the show to talk about his new book, Answers for Aristotle. Part 1 of our interview barely scratches the surface for how science and philosophy (aka SciPhy) can help YOU answer some of life's biggest questions.

00:27:49 - In our estimation, one of the big questions of life is, "What are you drinking?" Kelly answers with a Cabernet Sauvignon. Ryan has a multivariate cocktail including some barrel-aged gin from Smooth Ambler, some homemade tonic water using a Sodastream and Jack Rudy tonic syrup, and, of course, a splash of lime. Jacob kicks back Hofbräu Dunkel.

00:35:06 - Jacob announces a new, and hopefully more scientific direction, for Trailer Trash Talk for 2013, beginning with Tom Cruise's latest scientifical sci-fi flick Oblivion.

00:49:56 - Part 2 of our interview with Massimo begins with Jacob getting us off topic on science philosophy and science literacy. Plus some of the specifics for finding your own eudaimonia. Make sure you read Ryan's review of the book and buy your own copy! Thanks again to Massimo for giving us some of his time and make sure to check out his own blog and podcast!

01:24:53 - PaleoPOWs are quite philosophical, in that the uninformed don't quite get the point, but trust us, it matters. Kelly kicks off with an iTunes review from Tzeros who assaults our comedy chops, but after giving us 5-stars we don't really care what the words are. Ryan is rapturous thanks to a donation from Cameron L. Thanks, Cameron! And Jacob closes us out with a Facebook comment via James C. regarding a Vonnegut misremembering, which Jacob deleted like a punk, so now James is in charge of Jacob's admin status. Take him down, James!


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Music for this week's show provided by:

Feelin' Alright - Sweatshop Union

Love is Like a Bottle of Gin - The Magnetic Fields

Inside Out - Eve 6

Washin' + Wonderin' - Stroke 9