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Science... sort of

Mar 26, 2013

00:00:00 - According to 'science' frogs are growing too many legs. However, as Carl Zimmer points out, sussing out the cause of the excess is a tricky matter indeed. You may have heard it was pollution, but what about the parasites? Kelly explains.

00:22:03 - Drinks can contain both pollution and parasites. A good way to defend against the former is to make sure your drink includes ethanol. Patrick accomplishes this with an Elliot Ness from the Great Lakes Brewing Company. Kelly goes a step further contaminating her beer with coffee in the form of  a Thunderstruck Coffee Porter from Highland Brewing Company. And Ryan sips a concoction of his own creation in the form of a Tequila Sazerac inspired by some awesome antarctic glassware care of Abe and Bev!

00:27:55 - Next the gang is off to a more colorful land as they discuss the myth and the tech behind the upcoming spectacle Oz the Great and Powerful in Trailer Trash Talk!

00:42:19 - Patrick then tells us about the all too real marine super'crocs' of death that used to roam the seas. What were they? Where do they fit? And what is Patrick's favorite Crocodylmorph?

00:57:37 - PaleoPOWs are lot like crocodiles, their classification continues to prove difficult and confusing. Kelly has an e-mail from Summer in Seattle letting us know that she saw a video of an anaconda vomiting up an entire cow and that it reminded her of us. Thanks? Ryan has a glowing iTunes review from ViTuanPeterPhan, who like any good reviewer, tells us how far along in the back catalog he is (ep 79 as of this posting). Lastly, Patrick has a very generous donation from a Bryan A., whom Patrick is convinced is a celebrity. Regardless, thanks Bryan!


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Music for this week's show provided by:

Jump Around - House of Pain

Oh Catherine, My Catherine - WIDOWER (Available on Bandcamp)

We're off to see the Wizard - Harold Arlen

Swamp Fang - Rolla Olak