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Science... sort of

Jul 8, 2013

00:00:00 - According to Charlie, we're watching Saturn's moon Titan at a very special time in it's life. Specifically, it's runnin gout of methane, and all the other -anes to boot. How do we know? What does this mean? And will Ryan's plan to sell Titan survival matches work? Tune in to find out.

00:16:07 - Drinks, especially the kind we like to have on the show, are, like Titan, usually enriched in volatiles. Patrick procures a Peg Leg Imperial Stout from Heavy Seas. Charlie is sipping on the OG volatile, H2O. And Ryan has a disconcerted but not too shabby Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout from Wykoop Brewing Co. (with special thanks for

00:21:52 - Trailer Trash Talk gets a bit awkward as the guys discuss the happenings portrayed in the very dry, very indie, comedy Computer Chess.

00:32:37 - In our latest installment of "science testing common sense" turns out a nice walk in the park is good for you brain. The guys discuss their thoughts on the research, as well as how they handle the brain fatigue that accompanies the academic lifestyle.

00:51:14 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like brain fatigue, they show up usually once a day after lunch. We start things off with the end of the Flyer Content 2013! Charlie uses to determine our three grand prize winners and our two runners up! Grand prize winners: Chris H., Dayna D., and Robert C. Congrats! You three win a t-shirt AND some science trading cards from Blue dot prints. Runners up: Shanna H. and Sam H. You both get some science trading cards! Thanks to everyone who participated in helping spread the word about the show. And a special thanks to Robert C. for creating a brand new flyer for us, available soon. Patrick reads a touching iTunes review from Irish Jazz, and Ryan wraps things up with a new recurring donation from Chris G. Thanks, Chris!


If you're went to the website because of the Summer of Love 2013, leave us a comment letting us know it worked! And thanks for stopping by!


Music for this week's show provided by:

Moon River - Andy Williams

Big Ball's In Cow Town - Asleep At The Wheel

Chess - Rivers Cuomo

Walkabout - The Red Hot Chili Peppers