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Science... sort of

Aug 7, 2013

00:00:00 - When Ryan claims that lobsters are immortal, only one man can be relied upon to deliver the hard truths: Zen Faulkes! Zen breaks into the show to tell us all about this immortality meme and his efforts to combat it. Be sure to check out his blog NeuroDojo and his e-book Presentation Tips.

00:30:08 - Lobsters live in the drink, so we decide to have some. Moving his way through a gift given by Ryan, Patrick cracks open a Cropduster Mid-American IPA. Kelly enjoys a Cabernet Sauvingon from Bogle Vineyards, complete with Patrick's approval. And Ryan heartily enjoys his Petrus Aged Pale.

00:35:45 - Trailer Trash Talk has to tackle some troubling issues about animals in captivity after seeing the troubling footage in the trailer for the documentary Blackfish.

00:51:07 - Patrick presents a new study about how freshwater systems may have survived the K/T extinction better than the marine world. Take that dinosaurs!

01:10:27 - PaleoPOWs survive better in freshwater too, not that anyone bothered to ask. Patrick thanks Kevin D. for his generous donation. Thanks, Kevin! Ryan read an e-mail from Aaron D. suggesting we conduct an online pub quiz potentially titled Science... war off. All we need now is a 36-hour day. And Kelly rounds out the segment with a 5-star iTunes review left by the_HAL9000. I wonder if he knows Ben?

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Music for this week's show provided by:
Furry Old Lobster - Jonathan Coulton
Stairway To Heaven - Led Zeppelin
Black & Blue - Miike Snow
How You Survived the War - The Weepies