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Science... sort of

Mar 17, 2014

00:00:00 - As winter ends the Paleopals pay tribute to the snowy north that is Canada. And what better way to celebrate the world's 2nd largest country than by talking about it's favorite fictional son, Logan the Wolverine? Ben, Patrick, and Ryan interview Sigrid Alvarez and Emma Conway who have written a "totally real" paper about Logan's healing abilities (get the PDF here) and why Logan may be more amphibian than mammal. Want to learn more about Wolverine? Why not check out this graphic novel?


00:33:48 - James Howlett is known for excessive drinking, but the Paleopals try to promote responsibility. Ben has some Canadian water, because he's the most responsible of us all.  Patrick snubs Canada with a Koko Brown Ale from Kona Brewing out of Hawaii, possibly the least Canadian state in the entire US. And Ryan has a cerveza Atlas, yet another in his series of Panamanian brews.


00:39:41 - Much as Ben may try to derail the conversation with proclamations of Canadian superiority, Patrick and Ryan see some hard truths (especially in light of some real enigmatic malware) in the preview for Goodbye World in this week's Trailer Trash Talk!


00:55:25 - A group of Canadian scientists have worked very hard to create a system to send text messages via alcoholic mist because of... reasons. The Paleopals grope for a good explanation of this system's utility, but absent even that can agree that the idea itself is quite neat.


01:05:06 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like mist-based text messages, no one is quite sure of their purpose but we're pretty sure they matter on some level. Ben is cut off from answering an e-mail about Canadian libraries from Andie H. (though he did speak to the issue on the LASER podcast) and is forced to confront some harsh criticism from Steven S. Sorry, Steven, but Ben's fans are legion, so he'll have to stay. Patrick has an e-mail from Juliana F. about the difficulties of teaching math in a modern world. And Ryan has a lovely valentine and potential future donation from artist Sonya Andrews. Check out the valentine in the literally illustrious Brachiolope Gallery.



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Music for this week's show:

Old Man Logan - Adam WarRock (24 Hour Rap-A-Thon)

Canada - Five Iron Frenzy

Farewell, So Long, Goodbye - Jackie Greene

Test Transmission - Kasabian