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Science... sort of

Apr 24, 2014

00:00:00 - This week we tackle one of the (literally) biggest debates in the solar system: which planet has the largest mountain? For awhile, Mars seemed the clear winner, but new research suggests Earth might still have a horse in this race. Tune in to find out what Charlie and Abe think of this new discovery, and read up on volcanoes in general with this handy volume.


00:18:43 - If books containing world records are any indication, disputes are best settled over a pint, which we fortunately have a segment for just that. Charlie kicks things off with a High West Double Rye, much to the envy of Ryan who still manages to enjoy a mojito made with Panamanian rum. Abe, amidst all our other nonsense, does his best to sing the praises of his southern hemisphere Moa Five Hop IPA.


00:27:13 - However, we're hard-pressed to sing the praises of the new found-footage sci-fi horror film "based on the real fake phenomena" of the Brown Mountain Lights in Alien Abduction on this week's Trailer Trash Talk! (Also, here's what a camera falling out of a plane actually looks like. Enjoy.)


00:38:22 - Speaking of abductions. Imagine you were just tooling around, doing your thing, when all of the sudden you were snatched, transported to some foreign lab, had 1/3 of your blood drained, then were dropped back in your house. That'd be weird, right? Well that's exactly what happens to horseshoe crabs every year, all in the name of science.


00:51:41 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like alien abductions; you never see them coming, and nobody really believes they're real anyways. Charlie begins things with two new supremely negative iTunes reviews suggesting that we are both way to 'snug" and should eat more meat-filled pop tarts. Hopefully the Paleoposse will soon correct this negative shift. Ryan rebounds with a plethora of donations, e-mails, and a series of tweets (regardingour. motto.) from our newest superfan Morgan M. Thanks, Moran, we're literally overwhelmed! Abe finishes things with a question from Eric M. about science and the media. A topic oft covered but not yet by Abe, so apt for this episode! In particular, Eric wants to know how the Nobels might be made as cool as the Oscars, and we're afraid we might have to present some bad news on that front. (Also, yes, Ryan was wrong about Einstein's nobel prize, save yourself the typing.) Finally, in our clunky yet approrpriate Amazon segment, Charlie suggests a depressing book called The Bet or an awesome turntable called Pro-Ject. Be sure to check out Ryan on some recent episodes of Star Wars Minute and Deconstructing Comics!



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Music for this week's show:

Such Great Heights - The Postal Service

Rye Whiskey - Tex Ritter

My Carolina Home - Fred Kirby

Addicted to Blood - The Woody Pines