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Science... sort of

Oct 5, 2010

00:00:00 – Introductions abound and everyone has a drink. Patrick is undoing dehydration, Charlie is refreshing and Ryan's beer is responsible for years of oppression on Brian's. It's all very complex.


00:08:59 – Catching up with Brian Malow, earth's premier science comedian, and all his distracting facets.


00:31:21 – Supposedly this section is about monkeys and mirrors, they're connected somehow but of course we get off topic. You cannot expect me to honestly list all the tangents that happen here, can you? I'm just an intern, I don't even get paid. I linked to the story (on the website) they were supposed to talk about, isn't that enough?! Maybe once I re-listen to the thing (it's in the job description) I'll update this space and the website with some more links.


01:21:23 – Announcement about Episode 57 from our very own Patrick!



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Music for this eiposde:

Meantime – The Futureheads

Humor of the Situation – Barenaked Ladies

Life Sized Mirror – No Use for a Name