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Science... sort of

Oct 25, 2010

00:00:00 – After a few weeks of questionable beverages the Paleopals are all back on the beer wagon. Patrick and Ryan are feeling stout-y and Charlie's drinking like he ain't in the city no more.



00:05:06 – Blogger and soon to be author Brian Switek of drops by the Paleocave to chat about science blogging, SVP and terrifying (and warm) Mesozoic reptiles of the deep!



00:41:31 – Charlie needs the advice of the title in this week's Trailer Trash Talk as the Paleopals try to sail through the propaganda storm from the upcoming documentary Cool It.



00:59:49 – On-Call Canadian ben joins the Paleopals to help them figure out the ramifications of new research that shows the future seems to affect the past. What does this mean for next week's show? Seriously, I have no idea. Stupid time-travelling psychics messing everything up... sort of.



01:21:19 – In this week's PaleoPOW ben is bringing sexy back with his Canadian iTunes access and a review from Medep. Patrick's faith in evolution is reaffirmed thanks to an e-mail from Chis H. (Make sure you got to the website to see the accompanying photo, and his own blog Peter L. comments on the Facebook post for last week's show which warms Charlie's cockles but sparks debate between him and Ryan about burping. And finally Ryan cheats with a quick doublePOW from Josh J. and Bacon from the website that explains a question about Pittsburgh from last week.



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Music this week provided by:

Country House – Blur

If I had a Dinosaur - Raffi

Stay Cool – The Roots

Future Reflections – MGMT