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Science... sort of

Nov 3, 2010

00:00:00 – The Paleopals introduce themselves as the familiar Patrick, Charlie and Ryan but rounding out the quintet today are Zach and Kelly Weinersmith (it's ok to laugh) of Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal and Drinks are varied and Zach throws a true curveball the likes of which the podcast has never seen. Tune in to find out!


00:05:39 – We chat with the comedic-science super couple Zach and Kelly Weinersmith (it's ok to laugh) about their various internet incarnations. Jokes are told, science is explained, and Patrick freaks out thinking he's got a parasite even though he probably doesn't. (Key word: Probably)


00:42:28 – Trailer Trash Talk this week skirts the edge of the appropriate as the Paleopals discuss, Four Lions, the new comedy about British terrorists. Fortunately for all involved there are barely any accents attempted.


00:57:03 – Stories and statistics have more in common than one might initially be comfortable with according to John Allen Paulos in his new piece for the New York Times online. Are scientists better at literature or are the culturally literate better at science? Can it be both? Probably not. The Paleopals discuss the why's and wherefores of stories and statistics, including a brief evolutionary snippet of just how the two might have diverged oh so long ago.


01:15:35 – PaleoPOW this week is initiated by Patrick with some extra-comedic feedback from former guest of the show Brian Malow! Charlie marvels at a pumpkin-shaped Brachiolope from paleoposse member B. Nelson. Or is it a Brachiolope-shaped pumpkin? Some questions are just begging to be answered. Ryan has some self-congratulatory feedback from a recent post of his on iFanboy commented on by a new breed of listener the iFanbasus paleopalis AMuldowney.



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Music this week:

Pink Elephants on Parade – The Disney Chorus

Life of Saturdays – Dexter Freebish

Lions Roar – The Hush Sound

My Life Story - MXPX