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Science... sort of

Mar 1, 2011

00:00:00 – According to a new article in The Economist, people used to think alchemy was awesome. Than chymists came along and acted all high and mighty with their beakers and their goggles! But were the alchemists really so wrong? A parable about the progress of science. (Just don't start think there's anything to homeopathy, ok? Literally sugar pills and water, people.)


00:19:32 – What are we drinking? Well even though it's the morning the Paleopals are packing heat (it's not really morning, we all have real jobs, y'know?). Patrick warms up with a pint of the black stuff. Charlie says some words in French. And Ryan reaches into the Dank Tank.


00:24:09 – Trailer Trash Talk this week deals with human enhancement, mental misinterpretations and wondering if anyone can ever achieve the level of functioning of Bradley Cooper all by discussing the trailer for Limitless


00:38:36 – In this week's installment of "Science Story-time" Patrick tells the tale of the evolvingpine cone in it's quest to hurt the throats of hungry hungry dinosaurs. This naturally leads to a discussion of other ecological ghosts in which Ryan promotes coprophagia and Charlie goes BANANAS!  Speaking of which, Charlie made some errors in his banana talk and sent in this correction:


I totally confused my words last night. The 'better' banana that is no longer mass produced due to blight is the Gros Michel not the Baba Ganoush. Baba Ganoush is eggplant hummus. WTF was I thinking. The Gros Michel's nicknames were Big Mike or Big Papa and Baba is kinda like baby talk for banana. But damn. Sorry for sounding stupid.



00:51:16 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like raindrops; they're shaped differently than most people think. Patrick tells us about the generosity of Wendy M. from Colorado, who chose to donate to the show! No joke, her contribution is literally keeping the lights on for this tiny podcast. We adore our donors. Charlie fields a voicemail from Tom in North Carolina (apparently it's the peak of good living?) about detected others places for good living using the peaks and troughs of stellar output. And lastly, Ryan reads an e-mail from Betsy about being annoyed at the media for shoddy science.


Thanks for listening! Check out the blog for more: Paleocave Blog. And make sure you don't buy the Sketpoid book. Can't stress that enough.


Ryan also did podcast with Jon & Shawn from the Nerd List (debating Spider-Man vs. Batman) and a Special Edition iFanboy show about the new DC animated feature All Star Superman. Enjoy!



Music in this week's show:

Gold To Me – Ben Harper

Push it to the Limit (Scarface) – Paul Engemann

Poison Tree – The Devil Makes Thre