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Science... sort of

Mar 29, 2011

00:00:00 - The show starts this week with a hardy helping of pterosaur ptime when the Paleopals sit down to discuss past errors with David Hone and Ross Eglin. Be sure to scope out all the other projects they're involved in at: pterosaur.netArchosaur Musings and Ask A Biologist.

00:37:29 – In which potent potables are consumed.


00:42:50 – It's a trip down found footage lane when the Paleopals set their sights skyward with a mission for fear in the new trailer for Apollo 18.

00:59:46 – Ben Goldacre, author of the book Bad Science, had some things to say on hissecondary blog about the idea that science journalists should have science degrees. The Paleopals discuss with a bit of added insight from friend of the show Marissa!


01:14:28 – PaleoPOWs are like trivia, plural and interesting. This week Patrick delights that he has some actual snail mail, Charlie laments the state of our iTunes rating while praising Laura W. for saying something nice and Ryan has a rocking e-mail from Cori L.



Thanks for listening, if you need even more of the Paleopals in your life head over to the Paleocave Blog!



Music from this week's show:

Wrong Thing Right Then – Mighty Mighty Bosstones

Do Wrong Right – The Devil Makes Three

Moons and Horror Shoes – The Zutons

Hard to Explain – The Strokes