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Science... sort of

Apr 5, 2011

00:00:00 - Dr. Christie Rowe had a problem with an article Simon Winchester published about recent earthquakes and bogus predictions. She let him know about her problems and he wasn't exactly a gentlemen or a good journalist about her critiques. We talk to Christie about her experiences trying to bully the bully pulpit into present honest science to the public instead of fear mongering for higher hit counts.


00:34:22 - What are we drinking? Christie also sticks around to counter misconceptions about boxed wine. Patrick concurs and is feeling mighty red and cheap himself. On the other hand, Charlie and Ryan compete to see who can be more bitter. Surprisingly (or maybe not), Ryan pulls out a win.


00:39:21 - Trailer Trash Talk, doubling up as Patrick's PaleoPOW via Jeff Sykes, ventures into potential ramble territory this week as the Paleopals discuss the upcoming documentary The People vs. George Lucas.


00:53:22 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like debates, frustrating, unconvincing and ultimately futile, but boy are they fun! Charlie has a well-thought out question from Jesus S. of Oregon about terraforming Mars in a very dramatic way. Ryan has a much shorter piece of feedback by far in the form of a tweet from @Edib0y regarding an essay inspired by the show. Here's hoping he doesn't get an F!



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Music for this week's show:

This Is Why We Fight - The Decemberists

Bitter End - Dixie Chicks

Duel of the Fates - John Williams

Duel of the Fates - John Williams