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Science... sort of

Jun 20, 2011

00:00:00 - Ben starts off the show with the horrifying news that spiders literally cannot be killed. Not even by drowning. Be afraid, but very afraid. Or be a biologist, like Ryan, who has no fear, only awe.

00:13:00 - Without time to prepare Ben is left looking for spiders in a glass of water, Kelly kicks back a Shakespeare stout and and Ryan keeps it beneath the drink with an emphasis on the cryptozoologic.

00:19:39 - After the immortality of spiders the Paleopals consider the implausibility of magic (which may or may not have mass) in the trailer for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2.

00:29:02 - Ryan survived the summer of the 13-year cicada invasion and decides that it's high time the Paleopals discuss the little loud critters and how they evolved their long-form lifestyles. Enjoy the singing!

00:54:23 - PalePOWs are like cicadas, they're always prime.  Kelly has an e-mail from Jesse (not Ryan's friend)  who is happy to have found her via SMBC. Ben has an e-mail from Doug which asks a question about black hole vs. white holes and Ben has the answer! Finally, Ryan has a Czech e-mail from Michal that he has a hard time pronouncing, much to his dismay and everyone else's chagrin.

Thanks for listening! You can find Michal's Czech review and pronunciation guide on the Paleocave Blog!

Music from this week's show:

Bubbles - Ian Brown

Great Lakes Avengers - Kirby Krackle

Magic [feat. Rivers Cuomo] - B.o.B.

The Cicada's Song - Autopilot Off