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Science... sort of

Jul 13, 2011

00:00:00 – Julia Saltz rejoins Paleopals Ryan, Kelly and Jacob after her enthralling debut in Ep 87 to talk more about her own research and less about messy Hox genes. Her paper on social effects of aggression drive in male fruit flies pushes it way to the front of the discussion.

00:25:40 - Social situations are often distorted by alcohol, and while the Paleopals are of age and choose to imbibe, they hope it doesn't distort the discussions. Our guest Julia is cooling down with some white wine, while Jacob cools down with an In Heat Wheat. Kelly is prepping her tongue for SDCC with a Green Flash Double Stout Black Ale and Ryan is enjoying some rum that was made long before he could even consider drinking it.

00:34:01 –Jacob hijacks Trailer Trash Talk this week to talk about a video game! This week its Uncharted 3 but this all still ties into the theme because the Supreme Court just ruled that videos games are protected speech. The question then becomes: did they use sound science to draw their conclusion?

01:07:34 – Our second topic of the week is still Julia and how interesting her work is. This time, we're discussing a paper on genetic variation in social environmental choice using... that's right! Fruit flies.

01:28:16 – PalePOWs are like Kelly, they get some people very excited. Speaking of, Kelly has an e-mail from Jordan, a Mormon who is upset about alternative medicine (which somehow got us talking about Miss USA and evolution). Ryan then fumbles his was through an Aussie iTunes review from Wednesday D. and lastly Jacob has an e-mail from Brad providing some followup on human echolocation in the form of Ben, an amazing young man who was able to "see" the world just by clicking his mouth.


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(Punk) Music this week provided by:

The Story of My Life – Social Distortion

Cool Under Heat – The Clash

Violence – blink-182

Reach for the Sky – Social Distortion