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Science... sort of

Jul 18, 2011

00:00:00 - Daniel H. Wilson joins the Paleopals to talk about the science of robots and the sort of novels. Namely his new one, the highly enjoyable Robopocalypse!

  • Be sure to check out the rest of Wilson's literary catalog (including some very practical survival books) at his Amazon page.
  • Keep an eye on thePaleocave Blogf or Ryan's review!

00:52:51 - How can you prove you're not a robot? Ingest some alcohol and hope Futurama has been wrong all these years. Ben eschews that test (very suspicious) in favor of some foreign Philippine nectar that we're waiting on authenticity confirmation from Pang. Ryan, after talking horrors of the future, sips on a Monster Ale from the past (2007) in the form of a Barleywine from the Brooklyn Brewery. And Jacob heads north with a Latitude 48 IPA from Samuel Adams, which is an IPA for everyone to enjoy!

00:58:34 - While you may have been underwhelmed in the theaters the second trailer for Real Steel with Hugh Jackman et al. looks far more promising, at least that's what the Paleopals say in this week's Trailer Trash Talk!

01:08:14- PaloePOWs are a lot like robots, they have no regards for our feelings. This week Ben brings us a kanji iTunes review from Japan, Ryan has an e-mail from Seth E. about the joys of the Cincinnati-based culinary treat: Skyline Chili, and Jacob has a voicemail from Cameron of Minnesota asking our thoughts on the technological Singularity.


Thanks for listening! Our blog promises to spare you in the event of the Singularity, so thank it by visiting the Paleocave!


Music for this week's show:

Robots - Flight of the Conchords

(I know I used this song before in Episode 67 but that was the live version so this still counts.)

We Could Be The Same - MaNga

Brooklyn Blurs - The Paper Raincoat

Mr. Roboto - Styx