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Science... sort of

Nov 16, 2009

00:00:00 Intro and What are you Drinking: The Paleopals are drinking a wide variety of beverages this week and Africa sneaks back into the show (nearly unnoticed.

00:02:43 Oxytocin.  All your relationship problems might be solved with just a little extra oxytocin.  Or, you might just turn into a naked mole rat; it's too soon to tell.  The hormone might also explain why you can't seem to get along with your siblings during thanksgiving. 

00:18:48 Trailer Trash Talk - Avatar.  The Paleopals have been holding this one back waiting for the perfect time to pass judgment on James Cameron's remake of Dances with Wolves (in space).  Turns out this is the week.  Lucky you.  We discuss floating minerals and CG romance, then we reach a conclusion.  But you'll have to listen to find out if we are long or short on this one.  C'mon we even have time stamps now.

00:29:48 Babies Cry with Accents.  Patrick records his recent offspring for our listening pleasure.  Hard to place the accent but maybe she sounds a little like Zsa Zsa Gabor?  We teach you how to tell if you've adopted a French or German baby and also what floor to avoid if you are staying in a Ch inese hotel.

00:41:39 Odd man out - Superman Red Son.  Did Superman's spaceship land in the USSR instead of the USA.  No, but it be a whole lot cooler if he had.  Ryan and Justin leave Patrick out of Superman: Red Son.  They teach Patrick what the world would have been like if the Man of Steel had grown up behind the Iron Curtain.  Also, the book deals with why Superman and Lex Luthor are destined not to get along (and it has nothing to do with their oxytocin levels)