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Science... sort of

Nov 23, 2009

Welcome to episode 12! This week's theme is Boldly Going.  We are seeking out new (fake) life and (potential) new civilizations.  

00:00:00 Intro and what-are-you-drinking? Justin has decided to pursue a career doing actual science and thus leaves us stranded for this episode.  So, we call upon Charlie again to bail us out.  

00:03:57 Ecoterraforming Plot - How do we turn Mars into Earth?  Well, driving some Hummers around the Red Planet would be a start.  Charlie has a few other ideas but they all sound really hard.  Maybe we'll just hurl some nukes at Venus and see what happens.  Ryan contemplates the future leggy Martian race, once the planet is livable.  

00:21:25 The Morae River - Category: Best Faux Naturalist Art;  and the Award goes to… Brynn Metheney.  Brynn tells us how she thought up the Morae River and her plans for  life after kicking her Velociraptor habit.  We learn about her artistic process and then put in a request some future faux naturalist art.  Outside of her blog, Brynn has a book on Blurb.  Buy it, it's only available for a limited time.

00:34:29 Trailer Trash Talk - The Prince of Persia: Sands of Time. Can Disney live up to past high expectations for Swashbuckling?  Can Jake Gyllenhaal play a convincing Persian?  Why do bad guys always want to destroy the world, isn't that a little short sighted?  Has their ever been a good movie made from a video game?  We look for answers to these pressing questions and more.  

00:44:43 Updates and Listener Feedback:  LCROSS update, there is water on the moon, no word yet on green cheese.  Why can't NASA go from being sort of awesome to just awesome?  Also, we tackle comments from lunatics.  The Paleopals wax poetic on science and almost get emotional.