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Science... sort of

Jan 4, 2010

Welcome to the post-Solstice Science… sort of Special: All New for a New Decade… sort of. 00:00:00 – An unusual lineup leads to unusual drinks. Who are these people and just what are they drinking? Here’s a hint but tune in to find out! 00:03:35 – An interview with Dr. Bruce Haupt who lengthens bones for a living. Get your mind out of the gutter and pay attention to the science. 00:25:07 – Tools are fun. Octopi are fun. Why not put them together? A new video shows just that, but only the Paleopals can tell you what this means for humanity and our potentially threatened future. 00:39:38 – Sam Neil keeps screwing things up as the Paleopals discuss this week’s trailer: Daybreakers. Fortunately silly sounding scientists (our favorite!) and Willem Defoe (another favorite!) are there to save us (us being all of humanity). 00:47:00 – Feedback Frenzy! The Paleopals have fallen behind on their email and the iTunes reviews keep rolling. Hold on as they race you through the updates. Bonus feature: LAZORS!! 01:05:48 – The end, in which puppies are discussed. Awwwww. Music provided by: The New Year – Death Cab for Cutie My Bones Are Gonna Rise Again (Rev C) – Old Crow Medicine Show Beyond the Sea – UC Berkley Men’s Octet (8, like an Octopus) Sunny Day – Abandoned Pools As A Fan (Bonus) – Greydon Square (<- Seriously, you know you don’t have this, and you want it, go buy it.)