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Science... sort of

Jan 18, 2010

00:00:00 - Intro: Alcohol is a double-edged sword, but is that a redundant statement? Probably, unless you're in Japan. And our guest, Ryan Lipscomb, keeps up with beer talk, so you know he can be trusted.

00:08:54 What happens if you get shot in the gonads with a high dose of radiation? Should you listen to "Science... sort of" with you laptop on your lap? More serious questions, like the health of children, are also addressed.

00:23:10 More derailment as we find out what happens when you go through the scanners at the airport. Is it better to wear leather chaps or nothing at all? And the age-old question: Are spies more susceptible to radiation? 00:32:30 Darwin creates romance in the upcoming film "Creation." Provocative title, but will it be worth the hype? Look us up on and find out. Or just listen, that works too.

41:20 Planning a trip? Try Chernobyl: Now with 100% more radiotrophic fungus! In all the world this is the closest living thing to the Incredible Hulk.

51:30 A new way of doing listener feedback starts here! Also Ryan explains his hairbrained contest ideas. The prizes are real. Believe in the prizes. Music for the show provided by: The Maldives -- Tequila Sunday Blakroc -- Ain't Nothing Like You Eels -- Your Lucky Day In Hell