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Science... sort of

Apr 19, 2010

Gets It Together" originally referred to one thing, but should really be accredited to Ben Tippett, who kept this show on track by sheer force of Canadian will and charisma. He definitely leveled up with this one.

00:00:00 – Drinks and introductions. The intros technically came first, but the drinks dominate the show later on, so I figured they deserved higher billing.

00:06:07 – Guess who’s coming to Science… sort of?! It’s the return of the effervescent Sr. Nino. The esteemed gentleman of the climate explains why meteorologists aren’t to be trusted and how to save your family from global warming. Not to be missed.

00:26:29 – Saturn has a moon that looks like Pac-Man in infrared. Do you really need more than that to intrigue you? Also, Charlie is in his element and rocks some truly delicious science all up in your ears.

00:43:22 – Some things from Canada are good. Ben is one, Scott Pilgrim is the other. There’s a movie coming out (with a trailer first, hence the segment), but there were comics first. This segment doubles as Odd-Man Out for Charlie.

01:00:33 – We like to keep it positive, and nothing gets us exciting like thinking we may all live in a wormhole generated from a black hole, but Ben has some bad news. I hope no one’s feelings get hurt.

01:23:04 – The Paleoposse says things to us. And we love them for it. The show is off the rails at this point. Charlie and Ryan are borderline incapacitated from booze; Ben keeps things on track and GETS IT TOGETHER!!

You’ve reached a save point. Good job.

Music for this week’s show provided by:
Bottles & Cans – Rehab
Senorita – Los Lonely Boys
Satellite - Guster
Scott Pilgrim - Plumtree
Way down in the hole – Blind Boys of Alabama

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