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Science... sort of

Jul 12, 2010

00:00:00 - The Paleopals are joined by Ryan North, a computational linguist and creator of Dinosaur Comics (as well as a Canadian).  The Americans have beers and the Canadians have other stuff, some more interesting than beer, and some less so.

00:08:45 - Ryan North talks to us about computers using linguists and helps us sort out articles involving computers (supposedly) cracking indecipherable dead languages and how and why to save languages that are going extinct.

01:11:23 - Northern Ryan joins the usual suspects for Trailer Trash Talk.  We attack Piranha 3D, with surprising results.  We trade more stock than usual, find out if it's long, short, or both.

01:24:23 - We check in with Ryan at The Amazing Meeting in Vegas and plug our live recording at Cal Academy Nightlife on July 15th.  Then, we settle in on what is really important, you (talking about or to us).  Ben reads a classic review which sparks a Roman history duel between Ryan and Ben.




Wavin' Flag - K'Naan

I Fought Piranhas (Album Version) - The White Stripes