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Science... sort of

Aug 10, 2010

00:00:00 – Charlie drinks something that helps clarify a previous misstep. Patrick avoids problems. Ben is bennnnn. Ryan regales (or bores) everyone (including you) with his tales of travelling around the USA in search of good beers. 

00:07:36 - Jack Horner and Co. have taken our Triceratops but the Paleopals are arguing to get them back!

00: 23: 43 - Dinosaurs may not be expendable but your favorite 80's action stars are in this week's Trailer Trash Talk for The Expendables!

00:31:53 - Charlie sounds like a Bond villain as he explains possible plans to geo-engineer the Earth!

00:57:20 - Ben may not drink alcohol but he has no problem recommending a quick drink to help superconductors function better.

01:04:18 - PaleoPOW: Canada steps up its game with an all new, all northern iTunes review. Patrick thanks, COED magazine for some unexpected publicity. Charlie finds out how much we confuse the older generation. And Ryan revisits an old friend, an old joke, and an even older computer program.


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Music this week:

Russian Jazz Waltz – Vagabond Opera

Let There Be Horns – RJD2

Bad Company – Bad Company

The World at Large – Modest Mouse

Electric Avenue - Eddy Grant