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Science... sort of

Nov 4, 2018


00:00:00 - Asher Elbein (@asher_elbein) is here to chat with Ryan about his journey to becoming a science journalist. Topics include: being a Bitter Southerner, snake handling, a new Odyssey translation, how great the show Justified was, and more!

00:27:26 - Speaking of milking snakes, let’s have a drink. Asher works through some water purchased when the Texas taps couldn’t be trusted. Ryan explains and enjoys a crowler of the Main Drag Double from Molly Pitcher Brewing Company in PA.

00:35:28 - In part two we shift to more bird-focused topics… sort of. We were going to talk about some fossil bird lungs, but it’s fall and the siren song of the now Midwestern mothman (also known as: an owl) calls out to Ryan, so they mostly talk about that and all the weird folkloric goodness therein. If you’re into spooky Appalachian tales and have already read The Mothman Prophecies, consider supporting Asher’s Kickstarter Anna O’Brien: Ghost days Anthology.

01:17:27 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like owls: scary when encountered in an unexpected place. We give our long overdue thanks to Denise C. for being a recurring donor in the old Paypal days. Thanks, Denise!

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