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Science... sort of

Dec 13, 2018

00:00:00 - We start the show the somber story of humanity's continued impact on global climate as recently re-outlined in the Fourth National Climate Assessment Volume II: Impacts, Risks, and Adaptation in the United States. We talk about what the report says, how it maybe says it in a new way (hint: it's the economy), and what we can maybe do next to help mitigate it.

00:31:41 - But a hot earth doesn’t necessarily mean hot drinks. Patrick has a Proper Job, and he’s drinking one too. Ryan bought a beer based on art alone because the Hazy by Jailbreak Brewing Company can has an image of a sloth on it, even if the beer is yet another New England IPA. And Charlie keeps it on the level with some regionally-specific-ish kombucha from his local Kombucha Town.

00:40:34 - To lighten things up in the second segment, we double the number of stories so we can talk about how a new fossil turtle clears up some mysteries about their sudden appearance (turns out it's about the shoulders, not the shell), and a global database of animal urine which you can access if you have any great ideas about how to put that work.

00:58:14 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like turtles, they can be hard to get out of their shells. This episode we owe Patreon supporter Liz the thesis title for her BSSo and we come up with: Chelonial anal breathing colon effects of urine balance in lacustrine carbon sequestration. Thanks, Liz! Patrick also has thanks to give because we were featured on a list of the top science podcasts! And finally, Charlie has iTunes reviews both critical and praising from Wompajack and metalhardcoreguy, respectively.

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Too hot - The Kinks
Ginger - Hooverphonic
Turtle Rhapsody - Orchestra On The Half Shell