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Science... sort of

Jul 18, 2019

00:00:00 - The boys are back and they’re talking about meat. Specifically, how the idea that neanderthals ate mostly meat is being challenged by the idea that the chemistry can be tricked if the meat is already rotten when it’s eaten. Yum. But also, healthier diets are actually better for your carbon footprint, so put that moldy steak down and eat a vegetable already.

00:38:11 - And then wash it down with something. For example: Charlie is having some fancy juice. Ryan finally embraces an Old Pal with some Far North Spirit. And Patrick eschews the mixers for some wallet-friendly blended Scotch whisky.

00:44:38 - 3D scans are all the rage these days, but for paleontologists, they present a bit of a conundrum. When you scan a fossil, who owns the scan? The spread, or lack thereof, of this new kind of data, and what the future holds for the field is discussed.

01:06:42 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like scanned fossils; everyone is willing to fight over them. Patrick begins by giving an overdue thanks to recurring PayPal donor Richard P. Thanks, Richard! Creepy Jeff has been catching up via the SoundCloud archive and has a perplexing martian question for Charlie. And Ryan fields a voicemail from Sean about how to sign up to be a part of this whole Patreon thing.