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Science... sort of

Dec 7, 2019

00:00:00 - For our first topic, Ryan, Ben, and Joe explore the theory that the oddly-shaped space rock Oumumua is actually an alien reconnaissance ship. Seriously.

00:23:38 - If the threat of alien invasion doesn’t make you want a drink, then we applaud your restraint. But it makes Ben want to hydrate and have sugar, so he’s having some homemade sports drink. Which causes things to go more off the rails then one might expect. Ryan is finally getting around to the Beyond Resin IPA from Upland Brewing Company, which leads to a much more expected discussion on hop varietals. A brief cut later and Joe tells us that he’s having a Butterbeer from Ozark Mountain Bottleworks. Which is “very butterbeer-y”, according to Joe.

00:35:51 - Next, we talk about how busting apart asteroids, a la Armageddon, is actually a tougher job than we thought because of a pesky little thing called gravity but we’re going to test some other asteroid deflection techniques with the upcoming DART mission, so don’t despair yet!

00:55:22 - Finally, the PaleoPOW where we get feedback and give it back to you! First up is a thesis for the enigmatic Patreon supporter jerm, but that doesn’t stop us from coming up with: Nascent Insterstellar Hyperbolic Aloha Orbits (NIHAO): DART-ing bye to say hello. Thanks, jerm! Next, Ben reads a Canadian iTunes review from Hawkbox which makes us feel good, so that’s nice. And finally, Ryan has an e-mail from Rober Z. about gaming, because games are fun.

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Music credit: Ben Tippett and his ukulele