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Science... sort of

Aug 13, 2020

00:00:00 - First up, we discuss the evolution of thalattoscuhians, or crocodilians who evolved to live life in the seas, based on CAT scans of their skulls and what that means for their convergent evolution with whales.


00:20:39 - Crocs have returned to the drink and so have we. It’s an older joke, but it checks out. Patrick has what feels like an inappropriately named Goram IPA from Butcombe Brewing Co. Following by Ryan’s double buzz-inducing PBR Hard Coffee. And finishing out with Joe’s homemade mocha latte.


00:26:48 - Based on his recent reading about cities discovered in the Honduran rain forest, Patrick stumbled across a story that made him wonder: Did the Mayan culture make it to Georgia? One researcher claims yes, others claim no. An excellent case study regarding the sort of side of science ensues.


00:43:49 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like debates in science; people get fired up, but the stakes are kind of low. Joe fields a comment from someone who identifies as Angry on Podbean who left a comment on episode 316 regarding our reenactment of the Wishbone Pitch Meeting. Patrick has an e-mail from Dylan S. about the book Proof by Adam Rogers, which may have helped Patrick and Ryan out on a recent episode. Finally, Ryan compels the Paleopals to come up with a BSso thesis for Patreon supporter Diego Z., who we know is kind. In several moments of brilliance, they derive the study: Crocodile Tiers: Potential Inclusion of Archosaurian Fossil Remains in Mayan Farming Sites from San Diego? Thanks, Diego!


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Audio Production by Rob Heath
Music credit: Dance of Felt - Blue Dot Sessions