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Science... sort of

Feb 13, 2021

00:00:00 - The Triassic Period was clearly a tough time to be alive, since a lot of things kept dying. Researchers have recently uncovered a potentially new extinction that happened during the Triassic, and another team has uncovered more evidence of what cased the extinction we already knew about at the end of the Triassic. The culprit in both cases? Volcanoes! Abe and Ryan try to co-explain.

00:29:05 - Like volcanoes, beers also release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Abe is eager to go first with Science Is Crushable IPA by Benchtop Brewing Company. Charlie features a beer sent by a buddy as part of a winter beer exchange, a Tired But Wired by Anchorage Brewing Company featuring some excellent label art by Woflskulljack. And Ryan is excited to try a Kitty Claw clarified cafe milk punch from Mercy Me in D.C.

00:37:31 - Ryan already had the chance to talk about this story once before on the Undisciplined: November Science News Roundup, but he’s too excited to not bring it up again because researchers have found that female mongooses start turf wars on purpose for access to males outside their main group to prevent inbreeding. The paper is open access, please go and watch the videos, they’re quite a thing to see.

00:51:45 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like mongoose battles; they both have an ulterior motive. Charlie has a comment from Travis about enjoying and learning from our interview with Maya Becker in episode 320, which prompts Charlie to offer to take Ryan glacier camping. Abe has a Patreon comment regarding using comics to explain science as discussed in episode 308, including letting students answer questions with a drawing instead of text. Finally, we bestow a BSso thesis to Patreon supporter Tyson G., and that thesis title is: Finding new berth in old miseries by outrunning magma: Novel habitats provided by Large Igneous Provinces induces turf wars in genetically drifted expanding mongoose populations. Thanks, Tyson!

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