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Science... sort of

Jan 14, 2022

00:00:00 - Joe and Ryan are joined by their friend Dr. Antonio “Tony” Munoz, who tells us about his work as a scientist and his journey from the world of research to the world of consulting. Tony’s open access papers for those who want to learn more:

00:36:38 - Joe managed to bring drinks for everyone, but now they’re not in the same place so that’s odd. Joe is having some homemade mead from a friend, and its first mead experience which incurs the cost of viking toast. And Tony and Ryan are enjoying the Snakeden Saison from 7 Locks Brewing as provided by Joe.

01:10:59 - In our second segment we talk about cars. A sort of “Car Talk”, if you will, which we’re pretty sure is a completely original idea to the audio format. We tackle the myth that electric cars are actually worse for the environment than internal combustion (spoiler: they’re not) , but also some of the challenges that come with an electric future and the impact that our need for certain minerals can have on the health of the planet.

01:56:48 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like roads, you should look both ways before crossing them. Joe has a tweet lauding him for comparing the UK to TX, but what we’re really here from is to hand out a BSso thesis for Patron Eric P. He has a thesis titled: Swinging for the electric fences: An electric vehicle charging solution utilizing molecular biophysical properties of Electrophorus fish in an in situ aquatic reservoir. Thanks, Eric!

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Music credit: Electric Car - Podington Bear
Audio Production: Rob Heath