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Science... sort of

Jan 31, 2022

00:00:00 - Joe and Ryan are excited to be joined by Craig Welch and Sam Howe Verhovek who each have articles in the October 2021 issue of National Geographic “The Revolution is Here” which is all about the future of non-fossil fuel transportation. Craig wrote the article “The future of driving is here–and it’s electric” and Sam wrote the article “How green can we make air travel? And how soon?”. Discussion ensues.

00:40:41 - Discussion pauses so Joe and Ryan can have a drink. Can’t let oneself get too parched. Joe was having a latte during our initial conversation, but is now enjoying some eggnog with brandy. Ryan is having a Class III Whitewater IPA from Screech Owl Brewing, which leads to a discussion about the many uses for spent beer grain, but mostly pizza dough.

00:51:03 - Part two of our conversation with Craig and Sam! Craig is on Twitter @CraigAWelch and you can find more of Sam’s work on his website

01:06:49 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like the future of transportation; they’re both going places! Ryan begins with a Facebook comment from Mike B. praising the book featured in episode 338. And we bestow a BSso upon patron Bounce B. who has turned in a tome entitled: Hop To It: A Novel Implementation of a Jump-based method for transitioning from terrestrial to aerial transportation using a methanogenic bladder derived from fungal fermentation of organic biofuels. Thanks, Bounce!

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Music credit: Airliner - Podington Bear
Audio Production: Rob Heath