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Science... sort of

Oct 19, 2011

00:00:00 - The scientific world was 'rocked' when news came out of GSA reporting a giant hyper-intelligent cephalopod discovered in the Triassic. But does the story hold water? (hint: NO) The Paleopals are joined by former cast-member Justin to break down this prehistoric cryptid!

00:18:28 - Their first story took place deep in the drink, so the Paleopals decide to dive in too. Justin has scotch, Kelly celebrates Ben's PhD with mangosteen juice (and a backup for her tastebuds), while Charlie has yet to make his Campari (it's made of bugs!) and soda, and Ryan presumes he's keeping it thematic with New England rum.

00:24:28 - Ryan is convinced he'll get a thumbs up from Kelly in Trailer Trash Talk this week where the team discusses Being Elmo. Does he succeed? You  must listen to know for sure.

00:33:54 - People often complain about the age we live in, how it was better before, etc. But what age are we living in exactly? Apparently it's not obvious, even to the committee tasked with figuring it out. Is the Holocene over? Has the Anthropocene begun? We need to know now! Or soon, probably, guess we'll wait and see...

01:02:37 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like Krakens, potentially very scary but seldom seen. This week Kelly cannibalizes an iTunes review from her new show written by Sam A. Charlie plugs The Podcast Awards being tirelessly promoted by Pang. It'd be cool to win, I guess. And finally Ryan has some instant feedback from@JustinDMcDonald about the Anthropocene.

That's it for this week, thanks for listening! If you need more sci-goodness check out The Weekly Weinersmith, a proud member of the Brachiolope Media Network and recently written up on our blog the Paleocave!


Music for this week's show:

Giant Squid - RJD2

Scotch & Soda - Joe Ferrara

Street Fame - 2pac

The Modern Age - The Strokes