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Science... sort of

Jan 16, 2012

00:00:00 - This week Ben, Jacob, and Ryan start the week off by getting the science behind temporal cloaking with Alessandro Farsi. If you can make sense of it you win a laser to the ye, but you'll also be able to avoid it, so there's that.

00:23:00 - Drinks are only hidden by cloaking them in your mouth. Boring Ben has plain old water. Jacob has tossed some top shelf Canadian whiskey into a Pepsi. And Ryan brings up the rear with a Snow Cap from Shelly.

00:27:00 - Trailer Trash Talk gets historical this week as the guys discuss the World War II racially charged Red Tails. Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day everyone! Now get out there and fly a plane for America!

00:41:00 - A group of scientists from China claim that individuals with Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD) have differences in their BRAINS! We're not sure IAD is actually a thing, but we still bet you can't stop listening to this segment.

00:54:00 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like temporal cloaking, easy to miss. Jacob has an possibly Swedish iTunes review from BrkGrm, about us inspiring him to be a scientist. Awesome. Ben has a Facebook comment from Jonathan B. that causes Ben some concern which he then uses to his own benefit. And Ryan has a new recurring donation from Shlomo D.! Thanks Shlomo! (Even though Ryan was probably wrong about the Stitcher thing, whoops.)


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Music for this week's show provided by:

A Moment of Temporary Color - Jackie Greene (off the album "Till the Light Comes")

Down by the Water - The Decemberists

Tail of the Sun - Stroke 9

Addicted - Simple Plan