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Science... sort of

Apr 4, 2012

00:00:00 - The LRO, everyone's favorite lunar orbiter, has taken some photos of Space Race era Soviet landers which has finally answered pressing questions such as: did the lander fall over? and, why was this rock so weird?

17:24 - It's easier to drink on Earth than on the moon, especially carbonated beverages such as Ben's Canada Dry ginger ale or Jacob's Cold Nose brown ale. Ryan, however, would be sipping just fine on his Balcones Rumble, whatever the gravity.

00:23:22 - Trailer Trash Talk gets cutesy with the upcoming Disney documentary Chimpanzee

00:36:23 - Jacob wishes we could live long enough to take advantage of ion thrusters (which he's written about before on the Paleocave blog), Ryan wants to know what this means for TIE fighters, and Ben finally understands the aerodynamics of the Star Wars universe.

00:53:47 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like ion thrusters, they take a long time to get going but are hard to stop. Ben has a tangent promoting e-mail from Peggy. Jacob helps Randy answer an elementary math question. And Ryan reads a website comment from Kevin with a bit more info on pterosaur taxonomy.

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Music for this week's show provided by:

To The Moon & Back - Savage Garden

Rumble - Nigel Goodrich (Scott Piglrim Original Score)

Take Care of Me - Jonathan Coulton

Momentum - The Hush Sound