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Science... sort of

Apr 19, 2012

00:00:00 - A new study sheds light on the effects of social hierarchies in monkeys, which may then help us understand why those of lower social status are less healthy than their well-to-do peers. Finally, monkeys helping the poor instead of just messing stuff up.

00:11:39 - Drinks, they're what monkeys wish they had to unwind. Charlie ups the ante with a Drake's IPA. Patrick keeps it local with a Starr Hill Jomo lager. And Ryan is perplexed by the hipster can of his Sixpoint Resin Imperial IPA.

00:16:11 - This week's Trailer Trash Talks discusses the pleasant lack of found footage, the creepiness of little girls, and the propensity of Russians for drink all contained within the preview of Chernobyl Diaries.

00:26:04 - Fossil raindrops be falling! We know they happened, but under what conditions? A new study sheds light upon the status of the atmosphere whence old rain fell. Further, this also helps explain the 'faint young sun paradox'. All that science from one old rock with dimples! Thanks for Manuel G. for submitting this story via our Facebook page!

00:38:09 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like fossil raindrops, they can both be used as proxies for the atmosphere of the room. Patrick rejoices in the addition of a NEW RECURRING DONATION via Tommy G. all the way from Lund, Sweden! Ryan gets slightly self conscious over a website comment left by Shanna. And Charlie reads our first new iTunes review in over a month from Sciencer44, who may just want a prize pack, but was willing to give us 5 stars to get it!


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Music for this week's show provided by:

My Monkey - Jonathan Coulton

I Like Beer - Tom T. Hall

Under Pressure - Queen

Have You Ever Seen The Rain? - Creedence Clearwater Revival