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Science... sort of

Sep 24, 2012

00:00:00- Scottish Loch Ness tour guide Captain George Edwards claims to have the best phoot of Nessie yet and Steve D. wants to know what the Paleopals think. We're not impressed, scientists find new species regularly. Neither is the uncredited token skeptic from the clip Benjamin Radford, who hosts the Monster Talk podcast. Ryan attempts to debunk, Charlie finds a conflict of interest, and Patrick comments on the aesthetics. The faithful will no doubt remember that our first episode started with a Nessie story, so it's only right to keep that going on our anniversary.

00:16:31 - Drinks are a lot like Loch Ness, deep, dark, and possibly hiding something wonderful. Charlie returns to a sage-muddled whiskey spritz. Patrick defends the value of wine blends. And Ryan captures a yeti (stout) with a brachiolope (glass).

00:23:19 - Trailer Trash Talk goes back to Santa Cruz with a tangent filled segment obstensibly talking about the preview for the SC-based surf movie Chasing Mavericks.

00:38:37 - Jake C. heard about a new study claiming that glass shape affects the drinking speed of alcoholic beverages and asked us about it via our Facebook page. The Paleopals have nothing but kind words for the new study published in PLOS ONE, but that may just been the booze in a curved glass talking.

00:57:31 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like this episode, already 2/3's done. Patrick presents a donation from Nick W. letting us know he's back on the bandwagon and happy we made it to 150. Thanks, Nick! It's been 3 years and we're all thrilled for 3 more but it's also important to look back so the boys then round out the show reminiscing and talking about emotions, podcasting, and friendship.


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Music for this week's show provided by:

Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For - U2

I'll Drink To That - The Mighty Mighty Bosstones

...And Then They Were Upon Us - Reigning Monarchs (Greg Beherent's band, co-host of the Walking the Room podcast)

Pull Shapes - The Pipettes