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Science... sort of

Sep 7, 2013

00:00:00 - Sora Kim returns to the show to talk all about the latest and greatest in shark science! In 25 minutes she teaches us all more than Discovery Channel could in an entire week. We covered:

00:24:07 - Drinks are a thing that is needed to prepare for our upcoming segment. Patrick is practically done with his Founder's Brewing Dark, Rich and Sexy Porter. Ryan and Sora share a Golden 8 Ale from Crabtree Brewing. And Charlie keeps it sharky with the Dogfishhead Brewing 90-minute IPA.

00:30:55 - This week on Trailer Trash Talk we get to watch Charlie's stunt double drink beer and deal with drama in the preview for the upcoming movie Drinking Buddies.

00:40:29 - Shark Week seemed like a great idea when it started, but now Sora worries it's more fear-mongering than informative. We also discuss the outrage sparked by the airing of a fake-documentary purporting the continued existed of the giant shark Megalodon. No OK, Discovery Channel.

01:12:31 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like shark science, often requiring explanations. Ryan presents a new recurring donation from Landon R. who has an e-mail explaining his scientific departure and his penance in donation form. Patrick is excited that Chris W. posted about us on his personal Facebook profile page, which is someone more folks ought to do. And Charlie has an e-mail from Chris G. on behalf of his daughter Paige who has contributed the latest addition to the Brachiolope Gallery in the form of a "girl long neck moosesaur." Make sure to check out the artistic talents of this budding scientist!


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Music for this week's show provided by:

Solid Gold - The Golden Filter
Jumper - Third Eye Blind