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Science... sort of

Sep 16, 2013

00:00:00 - As with most other fish tales, the truth of the story of the really old rockfish is that it wasn't really all that old in the first place. Oh well. Charlie also learns why it's hard to describe what a fish is, which you can learn more about on the What the Fish? podcast. And if you want to learn how to eat the right kinds of fish, the Monterey Bay Aquarium has you covered with this handy app.

00:16:22 - Drinks are for when you're old enough. This week Charlie enjoys a Fresh-Squeezed IPA from Deschuttes Brewery. Kelly makes a startling confession, but you'll have to listen to learn it. And Ryan is trying to up his game with a La Crema Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir, which Charlie agrees is a good one.

00:20:47 - Things get heavy when the gang straps in to discuss Gravity on this week's Trailer Trash Talk!

00:33:23 - We all know we have plenty of wind floating around, but how do we make sure it's around when we need it? A new study proposes storing wind in porous rocks to be used later. One step closer to living in a sci-fi world.

00:50:45 - PaleoPOWs are often also stored underground until needed. Kelly is excited about a new recurring donation from Courtney H. Thanks, Courtney! Catherine calls in to leave a voicemail about why the clouds change color throughout the day, a topic Ryan and Charlie deftly handle while also mentioning Ben's Titanium Physicist episode on a similar subject. And Charlie reports back that Cade K., Amy, and EJCulbert have all told us about the availability of Battle Chess on Good Old Games. Finally, in terms of other podcasts, Kelly was recently on Wild Ideas and Ryan did a whole week of the STAR WARS MINUTE. Check them out!


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Music for this week's show provided by:

Old Man Time - O.A.R.

Baby, It's A Fact - Hellogoodbye

Gravity (A Spaceman's Song) - Red Wanting Blue

Wind Below - Rage Against The Machine