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Science... sort of

Jun 3, 2014

00:00:00 - Like a modern day Cassandra, scientists have long predicted that insects would catch up to our GMO crops. Now, even though the biotech companies did their best to keep it hidden, corn rootworms have infested the US corn supply. Thanks for not even pretending to listen.


00:23:28 - Ryan has a riff on a Cuba Libre known as a Cubata using actual Cuban rum. Abe and Ryan manage to make sense of Abe's My Antonia from Dogfish Head. And Charlie has a terroir-agnostic Pleiades blend red wine.


00:34:24 - The tech-nerd rapture knowns as the Singularity comes under scrutiny both as a concept and as a plotline when the guys watch the preview of Transcendence in this week's Trailer Trash Talk!


00:54:07 - Y'know that big thing up in the sky? No, the other one. The nighttime one. Well for a long time we thought it was as necessary as the daytime sky object (aka the Sun) but mayhaps life can evolve without a stabilizing moon. Doesn't mean we don't still love ya, moon!


01:17:45 - PalePOWs are a lot like moons. We only go their occasionally and seldom return. Abe starts us off with a donation from Michael S. Thanks, Michael! Charlie has a nice comment from active Irishman Liam O'Grady, reminding us of our very first Special Edition episode. And Ryan fields a question from Bobbi B. about the nature of dinosaur herds and the shape of human penises, based on some stuff said during his hijacking of The Weekly Weinersmiths. Maybe listen to that part using headphones.



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Music for this week's show:

Into the Cornfields - Colin Hay

Can't Stop - The Red Hot Chili Peppers

Machinehead - Bush

The Killing Moon - Echo and the Bunnymen