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Science... sort of

Jan 11, 2011

00:00:00 - The Paleopals are back in the hot seat for their first show of 2011 all about the Queen of Sciences: MATH! Strap in, we promise it's not boring.


00:06:14 – Patrick likes pulling science out of the weirdest places, this week it's a New York Times piece by Michael Lewis about math, markets and natural disasters. This one really may be worth reading before listening.


00:29:12 – Anthony Hopkins is up to his old tricks again as he squares off against both skepticism and demonic possession in the "inspired by true events" trailer for The Rite!


00:43:46 – Odd-Man Out makes it's first appearence in a goodly while. Ryan is sitting silent (... sort of) as Patrick and Charlie talk about the BBC podcast A Brief History of Mathematics


00:57:00 – PaleoPOW returns with a vengeance this year. Patrick proclaims profit provided by PANG! Charlie gets corrected by Eric on his use of the term "hacktivist". Eric also set up a subreddit for those who know what that means. And finally Ryan (Who got bored and started a tumblr blog) has a double addition to the Brachiolope Gallery in the form of cookies from Augustin and ornaments from Babbletrish, holiday style! Be sure to check them out right freaking now.

Thanks for listening! Stop by the Paleocave blog during the week for even more science jibba-jabba.


Music from this week's show:

Stranger - Dr. Dog

Rock you like a Hurricane - Scorpions

Where the Devil Don't Stay - Drive by Truckers

Math Sucks - Jimmy Buffet